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The Myth of High Conflict Divorce and Separation

We are pleased to announce that our own, Landon Poppleton, PhD, JD, has published “The Myth of High Conflict Divorce and Separation“. This book gives valuable insight on the complexities of family disputes and is a must-read for any parent suffering the troubles of divorce and separation.

“The Myth of High Conflict Divorce and Separation” is an analysis of the symbolic escalation in the Greek myth “Jason and Media” and its representation of our own conflicts within the family. In this book Dr. Poppleton brings the reader to view conflict from a psychoanalytic lens, relying on myth and the inner psychological world of symbols and archetypes in an attempt to provide a path towards meaning and conciliation that can be found deep in the chaos that arises when parents are at war with each other.

Landon Poppleton, PhD, JD is a clinical psychologist who specializes in high conflict family dynamics.