About Us

Welcome to NW Family Psychology

We are proud to have a complete team of counselors and psychologists specially trained in different areas and spread across various regions in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Tukwila and Silverdale.

Each member of the team has several years of experience and an extensive background in their field. All have been trained in the scientist-practitioner model and we work together as a team to guarantee that each of our clients gets the best care possible. The diverse backgrounds of our individual team members means that we not only offer the highest quality care, but also can tailor each patient’s treatment to their needs.

Whether individual or family, adult, adolescent, or child in transition, our family psychologists will provide you with the best possible psychological evaluation, consultation, or intervention as needed. As a direct service organization, we work closely with families and individuals that find themselves at a crossroads between psychological and legal matters and guide them to resolution.

Whatever your clinical psychology or parenting dilemma is, you can benefit from our team’s empirically supported treatment interventions and assessment that are so highly celebrated by our associates and patients across the region.