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The Benefits of Conscious Discipline

As a parent, have you ever felt overwhelmed dealing with your child’s power struggles, defiance, attacks, or bullying behavior? Ever wondered what would help motivate your child or help them complete tasks without a fight? Unfortunately, today’s issues are more unique and challenging than yesterday. We are faced with so many more distractions, such as keeping up with social media, peer acceptance, negative and positive peer pressure, drugs/alcohol experimentation, bullying, endless homework assignments, blended family conflicts, etc.

NWhile I believe parents instinctively know the needs of their children and want the best for them, this is often not enough to guide them effectively through the upcoming challenges in life, even when they receive support from their teachers, counselors, coaches, and other important members in their community.

One of the NW Family Psychology parenting approaches that can help get the balance back into your home is Conscious Discipline 1. This amazing evidence-based parenting practice (created by Dr. Becky Bailey) meets the disciplinary needs of today’s struggles for children and teens. Rather than focusing on less effective techniques, Conscious Discipline teaches self-regulation skills in both children and adults, and provides parents with proven tools to reset the family power struggle wheel. It is a discipline you develop within by responding rather than reacting to conflicts.

Dr. Bailey’s 7 Basic Skills of Discipline

  1. Composure
  2. Encouragement
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Choices
  5. Empathy
  6. Positive intent
  7. Consequences
NW Family Psychology Conscious Discipline

For example, 1. Composure teaches when we use discipline, we teach the life value of anger management; while 2. Encouragement teaches pro-social skills such as kindness and caring; 3. Assertiveness teaches the life value of bully prevention and maintaining healthy boundaries; and, 4. Choices teaches impulse control and goal achievement.

When we practice these skills consistently and witness how it works in real time, we are able to build and maintain the right balance with our families, as well as healthy relationships across schools and communities. I would love to discuss these parental techniques and other therapeutic strategies that can improve your parent-child relationship.

1 Bailey, B. A. (2015) The NEW Conscious Discipline Book – Expanded & Updated. Oviedo, FL: Loving Guidance, Inc.


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