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Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy

In the context of high conflict separation or divorce and for any number of reasons a child can lose contact with a parent, or otherwise experience a rupture or strain in the relationship with a parent. Sometimes the loss can seem senseless to one parent, and to another can be seen as a response to real harm or neglect. In addition, many parents attempt to use the litigation process to resolve the ordeal associated with the loss of a parent-child relationship, either to restore the relationship that was lost or to protect a child believed to be at risk.

Reunification Therapy is an important service, to not only to help restore “healthy” parent-child relationships while managing “risk”, but to set a foundation to support the ongoing relationship and minimize the potential for future disruption.

Reunification Therapy is an alternative way to address this issue outside of litigation in a more effective way. It does this through bridging the benefits of court direction/oversight and psychotherapeutic support in a way that neither could do as well alone.

NW Family Psychology has several skilled providers in SW Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington areas who provide this service, and do so through working with the entire family system.

Our Approach

Reunification Therapy is a “full family” (both parents and the child(ren) involved) therapeutic approach to address parent-child relationship breakdown. To address the problem at this level each member of the family can make a contribution to meeting the objectives of restoring and protecting (healthy relationships). In some cases, other family (grandparents, cousins, step-parents, siblings) may be asked to participate.

Reunification Therapy is a multimodal therapeutic approach to address the reasons behind parent-child relationships problems.

This includes a tailored therapeutic approach working with any combination of family members, psychoeducation about high conflict dynamics, experiential approaches to rebuild relationships, and individual work to address the risk and maintenance factors to ruptured relationships.

Due to the risks involved in doing family counseling in the context of a domestic relations matter, this therapy is court ordered.  Therapy cannot begin without the proper order in place to support the process.

The objective of the family intervention is to support your family to overcome the ordeal that keeps you “stuck.”

What Is Needed To Start?

If your family would benefit from this service please give us a call for information on what is needed to start.