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Welcome to NW Family Psychology – Utah. We are located in Park City. Our provider team at these locations primarily serve individuals at crossroads with the court system, such as family disputes (e.g., custody, relocation), tort matters (e.g., personal injury), and criminal matters (e.g., domestic violence).

Our provider team at NW Family Psychology Park City Utah are trained in the scientist-practitioner model of evidenced based care standards for forensic interviews, psychological and neurological testing, reporting, and testimony.

We collaborate closely with one another, as well as with referring parties (e.g., attorneys, medical professions, etc.), as well as follow AFCC guidelines to provide our clients with comprehensive and evidence based evaluation services to better inform the courts for best interest recommendations.

At Family Psychology Park City, we provide the following evaluation and treatment services:

  • Custody evaluations for informing best interest recommendations for families experiencing high conflict divorce and parenting plan disputes (Family Court)
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME) for informing the courts (tort division) on the following:
    1. Client’s functioning before the event
    2. Severity of distress likely to be engendered by the event
    3. Areas of resiliency and impairment in client’s functioning after event(s)
    4. Likely causes of client’s psychological functioning
    5. Client’s likely future status and need for care to ameliorate impairments caused by the defendant
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for adolescents and adults
  • Expert testimony (depositions and trial)


Park City Office

1790 Sun Peak Drive, Suite B-105
Park City, Utah 84098
(844) 701-1080
(844) 701-1085 Fax

NW Family Psychology Park City Utah Office


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To schedule one of these services in our Park City office,
please call Chaise Gies at
Cell Phone (Primary): 360 434 2827.
Other options: Office Phone: 844-701-1080 | Fax: 844-701-1085.
Or email Chaise at: chaiseg@nwfamilypsychology.com