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Joy Eberhardt, MD, FAAP

Hi! I’m Dr. Joy.

My full name is Joy Eberhardt De Master (yes, two last names). Professionally, I go by Joy Eberhardt, MD, FAAP (the FAAP means I’m board certified in pediatrics).

I completed my pediatric residency in 2009 and was board certified that same year. I worked in primary care for 4 years before realizing my heart lay in specialty care. In 2013, I transitioned to child maltreatment assessments with Kaiser Permanente. Along the way, I became a veteran expert witness in court testimony and learned the skill of medical reviews.

In 2021, I had the opportunity to both join NW Family Psychology and open my own clinical practice called Orchid Pediatrics. At NW Family Psychology, I offer bilateral custody evaluations. I pull from my expertise in pediatrics and follow legal statutes in formulating parenting plans. I have been trained by Dr. Landon Poppleton, Psyd, JD in these evaluations and am able to professionally represent myself well to families, in medical settings and within the legal system. 

I speak fluent Spanish and am certified to use it as a physician (though I admit my English is dominant). I’m also bicultural having grown up between the US and Mexico. I value diversity, equity and inclusion.