Steve Tutty, PhD

Steve Tutty, PhD

Specializing in
- Child/Teen/Adult Testing
- Ed Consulting
- Forensic Evals (Custody, Personal Injury)
- Work Product Reviews

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Dr. Tutty has particular expertise in evaluating both youth and adults over the past 20 years who find themselves at crossroads with the court system, such as family (e.g., custody, relocation), tort (e.g., personal injury), and criminal matters (e.g., domestic violence). Dr. Tutty regularly evaluates and testifies on these matters, and works directly with Chaise Gies, MS, on such cases. As a forensic team, they aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation to the courts to inform best interest recommendations for the parties.

Dr. Tutty has presented nationally and is published in peer reviewed journals (e.g., JAMA) in the areas of depression and ADHD. He is the clinical director of NW Family Psychology, Seattle, and Utah, located in Park City, Utah. When not in the office, Dr. Tutty enjoys skiing, hiking, and outdoor grilling.

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