Landon Poppleton, PhD, JD

Landon Poppleton, PhD, JD

CEO - Portland/Vancouver

​Poppleton is available in the Oregon City, Vancouver, and Salt Lake City offices.

Specializing in
Marriage and family dynamics, Developmentally appropriate parenting plans, Domestic violence, Substance abuse, Parental alienation, Relocation, Psychological assessment of children and adolescents, Assessment of parenting, Personality disorders, High conflict relationships, Behavioral economics

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Landon Poppleton, PhD, JD, is a in the state of Oregon, Washington, and Utah. Since 2001 he has worked with adults, families, and children in transition. He is trained in the “scientist-practitioner model,” where his assessment and clinical practice is informed by social science research. In his practice he provides empirically based psychological assessment, evaluations for damages in personal injury cases, bilateral custody evaluations, mediation, parenting coordination, and reunification counseling.  He is often called on to provide consultation on cases in preparation for trial, peer review of the work of other experts, and education to the court on issue of child development and best interest in child custody and parenting time disputes.



  • Forensic Psychology Specialization: Bilateral Child Custody Evaluations, Psychological Assessment, Personal Injury, Parenting Assessment, Parenting Coordination, Reunification Counseling, Mediation, Consultation, Psychotherapy, Co-parent Counseling, Parent Education, Work Product Review, and Instructional Expert Testimony.
  • Clinical Psychology Specialization: Psychotherapy for Divorce Adjustment, Psychological Assessment, Behavioral Assessment, Developmental Assessment, Educational Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, Substance Abuse Assessment, Violence Risk Assessment, Consultation, and Psychotherapy for Families and Youth.



  • High Conflict family dynamics in marriage, separation, divorce, and co-parenting.
  • Developmentally appropriate parenting plans
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse
  • Parental alienation
  • Relocation
  • Psychological assessment of children and adolescents
  • Assessment of parenting
  • Personality disorders
  • High conflict relationships
  • Behavioral economics