NWFP is sensitive to the health and privacy needs of our clients. We offer HIPAA compliant teleconferencing for all appointments.


Jennifer Manlowe, PhD, MDiv, MFT

I have worked as an educator, author, life-clarity coach, couples and family therapist, and group facilitator in many venues since 1988. Today, my sole focus is on supporting people eager to be connected to others and themselves with greater courage and authenticity.

A common denominator for clients who have been helped by our work together is they are experiencing some kind of life transition. They might be wondering what they want to be “when they grow up”; maybe they’re wanting to explore how to live again after losing a loved one; they might be couples curious about how or if they should stay together; maybe they’re people considering gender transition; perhaps – regardless of age – they are hoping to stay sober after leaving treatment. Whatever their reason, they want support with such challenges.

How do I work with people? I take an “integrative” approach for improving connection with the one(s) you love without sacrificing your autonomy. I use two evidence-based therapeutic methods one for couples and families that is “attachment-based therapy”, and one for individuals that uses mindfulness, clarity exercises and direct action called “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I’m convinced that humans have an evolutionary desire for meaningful relationships and believe we can work in a collaborative way to build resilience and fortify strengths to create a future that works with whatever challenges may arise.

Before acquiring my clinical degree in Couples and Family Therapy, I received a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Divinity, and a Doctorate in Psychology and Religion with an emphasis on culture and wellness. The first half of my adult life was spent on the East Coast researching, teaching and writing books. In the second half, I’ve been devoted to my family and growing as a therapist while living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, my original home. Dr. Manlowe is currently accepting new clients at the Bainbridge Island office, yet with most of her appointments remaining telehealth for now.